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Mission 3-in-1 Cholesterol Meter

Take back control of your Health!

Why would you need time consuming and expensive lab tests, when you can achieve similar results within minutes by using your own Point of care diagnostics device where and when you want? We, from Swiss Point Of Care, strive to make it possible to take back control of your health, and assist Health Seekers in their quest to optimal vitality!

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One factor that we can use to measure your cardiovascular health is your cholesterol. While cholesterol is not the cause, just the effect from infections in the arterial wall, it is important to keep the levels normal to your body. Normally you can measure your cholesterol through lab tests, but our Mission 3-in-1 Cholesterol Meter allows you to measure all your cholesterol values within minutes and just a couple of drops of blood.

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When you suffer from Diabetes it’s essential to measure your glucose on a regular basis. Luckily it’s already quite easy to measure your glucose with various meters. However some of them require more blood, take a long time to produce results or aren’t accurate. With the OnCall system you will never have to worry about that, you will have your acucrate results within seconds and just a very small amount of blood.

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Hemoglobin is usually measured during a regular check-up. Hemoglobin helps to transport Oxygen and CO2 through the body. Furthermore it helps to keep our acidic levels in check. Therefore it is very basic to our functioning and it’s worth checking it’s value regularly. A lower value can indicate anemia, however a high level can be a proxy for cardiovascular disease, as the blood gets thicker and therefore clogging the whole system.

Measure your hemoglobin

ACON Authorised Dealer

ACON Labs is a very renowned American manufacturer of Point of Care devices such as the Mission 3-in-1 Cholesterol Meter. We are glad that we are an official ACON dealer. This means that if you purchased ACON Point of Care devices, you will be in the right hands regarding warranties, repairs and replacements.

ACON Labs Certified Dealer

This is what our happy clients have to say

  • Professional meter and highly accurate measurement also at home. I am very happy with the test results as they correspond exactly to those from the lab via the GP. So I can confidently use this meter to monitor my cholesterol. Very glad I found this meter, saves me lots of time!

  • I would like to let you know that I am very satisfied with this meter. I have been using the meter now for 2 months. The first two times, in consultation with my doctor, I compared the measurements of my home test (made on the same day) with the results from the doctor/laboratory. I was pleasantly surprised (my doctor too) about the results. The results were the same. I can now confidently measure my cholesterol at home and I don’t need to go to the hospital for that.


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