About Swiss Point of Care

We are here to assist Health Seekers to take back control of their health. Get insight in your health with our Point of Care measuring devices. Support your health with our unique Vital20 supplements and Vortex water. And take care of your skin with our organic Sun- and Skincare.Its our mission you help you feel healthy, fit & energized.

Swiss Point Of Care was founded in 2009 to help doctors and their clients monitor their health with easy to use point of care devices.We believe that it is possible to have reliable test results directly at the point of care, at the doctors pratice or at home.

Reliable test results, that meet laboratory standards, at a fraction of the costs, fast and user friendly. Our aim is to provide our clients big and small, with reliable, cost effective and easy to use devices.

We strive to provide you with the best customer service in the business. The Swiss Point Of Care team is available to help and assist you, wherever and whenever we can.