Our Brand Ambassadors

Long-term friendship

Our ambassadors are our friends and the faces of our brand.Sharing stories, helping others

Sharing stories, hepling others

Together we share one mission: helping others.
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Proud community

By sharing the same values, our ambassadors connect us to communities around the world.

Johanne Cammarata

Johanne has a great passion for helping other people and teaching them about the ketogenic diet. Therefore, she is active as a coach in France. She had her wake-up call 11 years ago, when she realised what her body really needed. She also published a book:Révolution Cétogène: Adaptez votre métabolisme, changez votre vie.

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Céline Pasotti

Celine is a nurse, a nutrition coach on the Keto diet and a mother, in short she has a busy life. After having tried everything to remedy her ailments, the ketogenic diet turned out to be the solution. She has done a lot of research and uses all her knowledge as a keto coach.

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Mélanie Simon

Recently, Mélanie decided to follow her dreams and started her business as a Personal Trainer. She struggled for a long time with her health, but after many experiments, a keto diet seemed to suit her perfectly. As Mélanie herself describes it, it has become a lifestyle!

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Patrick Druyts

As Patrick got older, he realised that he needed a different way of life, that’s what he found with the keto lifestyle. Patrick’s goal is to use his knowledge to help other people improve their health. Patrick himself has experienced how well a keto lifestyle can help and he loves to help other people with this as a coach.

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Audrey Riethmuller

Audrey was introduced to the ketogenic diet not long ago. She describes it as an adventure that has changed her life. She likes to help others by sharing her recipes, tips and experiences. She gets a lot of energy from treating her friends and family to delicious keto dishes.

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Caroline Schwob

Caroline has a blog called “La Popote de Potine”, where she shares her recipes that fit perfectly into the ketogenic diet. She started this blog because she likes to have a positive influence on other people. She has had physical problems herself and has been looking for a better way of life, which she has found.

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