Working at Swiss Point of Care

1 million 5-star customer reviews

To get there, we created our core value “C.A.R.E.”

Committed. Motivation gets you started, commitment keeps you going. Commitment shows integrity and a willingness to stick to our passions and beliefs. We are committed to helping our customers but also ourselves and our team members to be the best me.

Accessible. We are accessible to our customers, our team members and our business partners. Our company has no barriers for anyone who wants to interact with us. We speak your language, are understandable and emphatic, collaborate, and continuously improve.

Reliable: We are dependable and authentic. We carefully manage the relationships we develop and believe consistency is key to building trust. Our in-vitro diagnostic devices are thoroughly tested and certified. Our nutritional products are honest, all natural and produced without concessions.

Extraordinary: By being the best me.

To help people take control of their health, to

be the best me.

We like to keep our organization as flat as possible to stay flexible so we can grow, invent, change and adapt to our customers and the reality around us. Goals change, customer preferences change, the world changes, so expect change and be ready to go with the flow. We hired you for your skills, not your ability to follow orders, so we are sure you can handle this and can’t wait to participate.

We have two tribes or main teams: B2B (business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) that are headed by a Tribe lead and a Tribe master. When we grow, tribes will be divided into Squads so we stay agile and keep our organization flat.

Since we work in teams that are no bigger than 7 team members, tribes will be divided into Squads formed around specific area’s such as DACH. This way we stay agile and able to grow quickly while keeping a flat organizational structure.

To ensure we deliver high quality products that we continually improve we also have 2 product scrum teams formed around Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Food & Dietary Supplements.  

Our Ambassadors are very important to us, so we also formed a scrum team around this group of Keto and lifestyle coaches and influencers.

To ensure the two Tribes, their Squads, and the scrum teams can be successful in ensuring we delight our customers day in day out we have a management team (MT) that forms the backbone of the company. Our MT is made up of a Tech, Operations, HR, Finance, Marketing & Sales, and Customer Excellence specialists.

You will be part of one of the two Tribes where you will work closely together with your Squad on a daily basis. But could also be part of one the scrum teams, or a temporary scrum team we formed around specific products, problems or opportunities. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in several teams at the same time. If you’re not sure where you fit or are curious about another team, just ask.

For this organizational structure to work we need flexible people who are capable of being both self-directed and highly communicative with those around them. 9 out of 10 internal conflicts within companies are due to a lack of communication, under-communication or miscommunication. So talk to each other, to members of other teams, and never be afraid to question what is being said.

Participation is key, creativity is highly valued, show initiative, make wise decisions. Help each other and go beyond the edge of your desk. Learn from mistakes, and be curious, all while keeping our Code of Ethics and Business conduct in mind and safeguarding our IT infrastructure

We believe a healthy work/life balance is essential to your wellbeing, so once a year we will ask you to fill out an On-Page Personal Plan (OPPP) to set personal priorities that are in balance with your professional goals. We value your commitment to Swiss Point of Care, so we will do what we can to create an environment where you feel at home and able to be a better me.