Why a healthy diet with antioxidants helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Worldwide, 31% of people die annually from the consequences of cardiovascular disease. This is often caused by risk factors such as (low-grade) inflammation and increased oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is caused by, among other things, smoking, medication, excessive alcohol consumption, overexposure to the sun, intensive sports, obesity, hypoglycemia and possibly depression. Research A survey was […]

Does an extra layer of fat keep your body warmer?

Athletes who swim long distances in open water often lubricate their bodies with (animal) fat as insulation. In order to protect their body against the low temperature of the water while swimming. But their own body fat also helps them to stay warm. Scientific research has also shown that swimmers with a higher body mass […]

Lena Selimi

Lena Selimi, also known as lalena.live, is the founder of “The Vegan Keto Bootcamp”. The Vegan Keto Bootcamp – is the world’s first program designed specifically to help women get into ketosis very quickly, lose weight, defeat endometriosis, balance their hormones, break free from food addictions and their individual goals.Her goal is to help women […]