For the good cause

Established in 2009, the ultimate goal for Swiss Point of Care is to give people better insight inside and how to improve their health by controlling it themselves. Giving people the power to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle in the easiest and best way possible.

Taking control of your own health with healthy supplements and meters. Swiss Point of Care provides healthy and natural nutritional supplements, selftests, a Keto lifestyle and meters that measure key body values. Everything to motivate people to change their lifestyle and get into both a mental and physical topfit condition.

Sometimes be the best me. can not be taken for granted. Therefor we think it is important to also help people in need. Below is a small list of charities we contribute to. Would you like to help us and make a contribution to those who desperately need it?

Thank you!

Roparun 2021

Hemoglobin Testing in Africa