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Joint pain can occur in many places in the body. Joint pain can occur in various forms. There is acute joint pain, which is caused by, for example, a sprain, ruptured ligament or dislocation. But there is also chronic joint pain. About half of all people aged 65 or older suffer from joint pain every day.

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The functioning of the bones

An adult human skeleton consists of 206 bones. Without these bones, the body could not stand upright. Bones have the function of supporting body structures, protecting internal organs and making movement (together with muscles) possible. The bones are active, living structures that consist of different types of cells and are embedded in so-called bone bars. These bone bars form a framework that consists of lime and various proteins.

The cells of the bones are responsible for renewing the skeleton by breaking down old bone tissue and replacing it with new bone tissue. Bones are involved in the formation of new blood cells. These are made in the bone marrow that is located in the bones. They also play a role in calcium metabolism and they serve as mineral storage.

What are joints?

Bones may be stuck together by cartilage, connective tissue, or a bone joint. A movable connection of two or more bones is called a joint. We need these joints to move. In a joint, the ends of the bone pieces are covered with cartilage. This cartilage is smooth, precise in shape and resilient tissue that, together with the fluid that is made in the joint, allows for smooth movement. The resilience ensures that it can absorb shocks.

Cartilage is rather fragile and does not recover well because it is not fed by the blood vessels themselves but by the joint fluid. This also ensures that the cartilage remains flexible, making friction and wear as low as possible. There are also various supplements that can be used for flexible (er) joints. Swiss Point of Care Good for Joints supplements contains only natural ingredients for strengthening the joints.

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Forms of joint pain

When pain is experienced as a result of chronic pain in the joints, this may be due to wear of the cartilage (arthrosis) or inflammation of the joints (arthritis). More than 3 million people in the Netherlands suffer from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

These disorders are often accompanied by chronic joint pain. Examples of joint disorders are arthritis and osteoarthritis with pain, stiffness and movement limitations being the symptoms. In arthritis, joint inflammation also occurs. Due to the inflammation present in arthritis, the joint becomes thick and sensitive, and sometimes warm. An inflamed joint – without moving or burdening it – hurts. The stiffness is the worst in the morning and can last for one to several hours. The most common joint pain is knee pain.

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to tackle joint pain. Try to keep moving with arthritis and osteoarthritis (not too much). When your muscles are practiced, the joints get more firmness, so it hurts less because they can tolerate more.

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Good for JOINTS

Good for JOINTS with Magnesium, Manganese and enriched with natural Vitamin C, D3 and K2 for optimal performance. Contains Polyphine JOINTS, OPC and Hydroxytyrosol polyphenols from grape seeds and olives harvested in France. Contains Glucosamine, MSM and Molybdenum.

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Why should I take Good for JOINTS?

1Magnesium oxide (from Atlantic seawater)
2Vitamin C (from Rosehip extract)
4Vitamin D3 (from the lichen extract)


  Daily dose (2 capsules) RI*
Polyphine® JOINTS (Vitis Vinifera, Olea Europeae) 400 mg  
Magnesium oxide (from Atlantic seawater)1 120 mg 27%
Glucosamine (vegan halal) 78 mg  
Vitamin C (from rosehip extract) 2 45 mg 56%
Organic sulfur (MSM) 100 mg  
Vitamin K2 0,04 mg 53%
Manganese 3 1 mg 50%
Vitamin D3 (from lichen extract) 4 0,003 mg 50%
Molybdenum 0,03 mg 50%
*RI = Reference Intake

 Nutritional supplement, minerals, vitamins, others. 30 capsules, 16.4 g net

Ingredients (548 mg per capsule): Vitis vinifera, olea-europeae extract, magnesium oxide, glucosamine sulphate, rosehip extract, MSM methylsulfonylmethane, vitamin K (menaquinone), manganese (II) sulfate monohydrate, crust moss extract, sodium molybdate dihydrate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (vegetarian capsule).

Allergen information: Contains no allergens.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

 Recommended use: 2 capsules per day.

Follow the recommended dosage.

1 Magnesiumoxide (from Atlantic seawater) 2 Vitamin C (from Rosehip extract)  3 Manganese 4 Vitamin D3 (from Lichen extract)

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Msc Energy & Information Medicine Therapist, Mental Coach, Biontologist

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