Tik’alert testing results

Results and recommendations




  The test is positive
Two coloured lines appear in thewindow under the marks T Test) and C (Control). Theintensity of the line T may be clearer than the intensityof the line C. This result means that IgM antibodiesdirected against Borrelia bacterium are present inblood and an infection is starting. You must absolutelyconsult your doctor.
 Test is negative
Only one coloured line appearsunder the mark C (Control). Thisresult means that no antibodies directed againstBorrelia bacterium are detectable in blood.
 Invalid result
No line appears or a coloured lineappears under the mark T (Test) without any lineunder the mark C. In this case, it is not possible tointerpret the test, which must be considered as invalid.It is recommended to repeat the test with a newTIK’ALERT® device and a new blood sample