What is Glucose?

What is Glucose?

Glucose is a form of sugar that we get from foods with carbohydrates. During digestion, carbohydrates from the food in our stomach and intestines are converted into glucose. You can also take glucose directly, in the form of dextrose or grape sugar. In addition to glucose, there are several forms of sugar, such as fructose. This is among other things in the sugar that we can buy in the supermarket.

Glucose is absorbed into the blood and provides the body with energy. So it is normal to have a certain amount of sugar in your blood. This glucose is needed to have energy. Because glucose is absorbed into the blood, we often refer to the blood glucose level or blood sugar level. The glucose value or blood sugar value indicates the amount of glucose that is in the blood at a given moment.

Your body is constantly trying to find the right balance in the level of glucose in your blood. This level increases after eating a meal with carbohydrates. The hormone insulin ensures that the tissues absorb the glucose. This brings blood sugar levels back into balance.


If your blood sugar level falls below a certain limit, your pancreas will make glucagon. Glucagon is a hormone just like insulin. Together they ensure that your blood sugar level remains balanced. Where insulin ensures that your body can extract glucose from the blood, glucagon ensures that stored sugars are released from your liver. This increases your blood sugar level again.


Your body can store a supply of glucose in your liver and muscles. It is then no longer called glucose, but glycogen. For example, if your blood sugar level is low because you haven’t eaten for a few hours, your body can convert the glycogen into glucose. This forms new fuel for your body.

It is very important that your blood sugar level is balanced. Insulin and glucagon have an important task in your body. Too low or too high blood sugar levels can cause health problems.

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