On this page Health Professionals share their experiences with Polyphine. If you, as a health professional, are interested to contribute, then please send us an e-mail: info@swisspointofcare.com

Stepanida Stremmelaar

Biofotonen Therapeut As a natural health professional it is important to reduce the experienced discomforts to a state of balance again. In other words a state of “good health”. It is of vital importance that this happens in a natural way. That’s why a holistic approach is necessary, looking at the full picture of someone’s life, such as lifestyle, surroundings, and the physique. To reduce physical discomfort and to boost the natural healing ability of the body I can not do without Polyphine HEART in my practice anymore. Especially when clients experience vascular problems (cholesterol, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, etc.) Polyphine HEART is a good choice.

Michelle Sabatini

Practitioner of the Grinberg Methode – Bodywork Therapeut in Zurich The Grinberg Method aims to teach clients to increase their body awareness and to learn how to stop pattern of movement, thought, emotions and behaviour. These patterns alienate us from our bodies. They lead us to an automatic way of relating to ourselves and others. In order to arise body awareness, the work is done through touch, breathing practice and descriptions of physical sensations. One of my clients, who had high cholesterol levels, participated in the Polyphine HEART trial. The results after 6 weeks were very positive. And for the last year she had slightly high eye pressure, which has now returned to normal.

Derek Brouwer

Msc. Psychology – Orthomolecular Health Professional My health practice MinderMoe (translated = Less Tired) specializes in optimal vitality and optimizing ones’ energy by combining health, mental balance and physical activity. MinderMoe specializes in solving fatigue, sleep problems, stress, burnout and depression. As orthomolecular therapist I meet many clients who want to use less or no medication. Reducing medication such as cholesterol-lowering drugs is often part of this. As part of my treatment I use Polyphine HEART and have experienced that clients with heightened cholesterol levels benefit. In consultation with their (treating) physician we almost always succeed to reduce the cholesterol-lowering drugs or eliminate them all together.

Marianne Agterdenbos

Biophoton Therapist Biophoton therapy aims to search for the cause and not merely treat the symptoms. Because the human body (or living bio) emits and receives electromagnetic radiation (ie light or photons), it is possible to restore the coherence of the light inside the cells of our body. When this balance and coherence is disrupted within the body it makes people sick. Biophoton therapy has the ability to neutralize these disruptions restoring the body’s self-healing ability. Read the extensive experience of Marianne’s customers at www.polyphine.com 

Interne linkDrs. Ben Mikx

MSc Energy & Information Medicine Therapist, Mental Coach, Biontologist As a therapist it is important to aid people in their request to get them more healthy and aware. By going in depth you can find out what the causes are. Eating healthy and excersizing stay important, but a lot of times you see people make different choices. To verify the cause I use the instrument called Chiren, that measures the energypoints on the fingers and toes. After that the so called Biophoton therapy starts that treats the cause through energetic ways. At the core a lot of things can be restored in balance with Chiren, but certainly when it concerns issues that play a role for a long time an extra boost is practicaly a necessity. Polyphine® HEART and Krill oil (Omega-3) are not only a good supplement to feel more energetic with me, but also work with my clients. At a next consult you will see that heart, bloodcirculation, and vein quality show less disruptions. Symptoms come by horse but go by foot. The body will learn once again to tackle disruptions with its ‘own doctor on board’. “my treatments used to alleviate symptoms with many of my clients, get an extra boost by using Polyphine® HEART.” “my treatments used to alleviate symptoms with many of my clients, get an extra boost by using Polyphine® HEART.”

Instituut de Leeuwenhorn

Peter Hess® Soundmassage and Therapy​​ Institute de Leeuwenhorn is a well known name in the area of facial and body treatment. Our facial and body treatment is based on hollistic thinking and oriental medicine. Amongst others sound massage, Sound and Gong bath and various relaxation excersizes with sound. Besides that we work with Ohm sound forks (sound puncture) and in our own sound studio we give sound meditations, and sound concerts. Supplemental treatments with the healing power of singing bowls, gongs, Tanpura and Monochord. A number of our clients use Polyphine/Krill capsules and benefit from that. They are more vital than before and have the feeling they have their health in their own control and are less dependent on conventional medication. About us: we are Willemien and Hugo van Waard. Our Institute is certificied according to the method Peter Hess® Sound massage and Therapy. Besides that we are the store that supplies leading brands such as: Gernétic France, Webecos Nederland and various delightful aromatic skin oils.

Rinno Heidstra

Naturopathic practitioner, HeilPraktiker Following many years working in the German and Dutch healthcare system I am now working as natural health practitioner in Enschede, The Netherlands, since 2003. I work with a.o. with regulation thermography, living blood analysis and the Rehatron. Starting 2016 I will also be working in Germany as Heilpraktiker. Through experience and study I am convinced of the self healing powers of the human body. I have described this vision in my book ‘Het CelHerstelConcept’. (cell recovery concept). Now in its third edition. Nutrition building blocks are essential, because nowadays nutrition is often incomplete or made unnaturally by using chemicals/pesticides and radiation, most people need supplements that are absorbed properly. I advise to take Polyphine® HEART and Krill because of their natural source and good quality. People notice the effect in their energy levels and vitality and keep on using them.