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All Laboratoires de Biarritz products have been moved to

Hi, I am Leontine de Groot from House of Natural Beauty. House of Natural beauty wants to be a home for the best organic, sustainable cosmetic brands from all over the world. This means that we are continuously looking for innovative, proven effective but above all organic brands to make them available to users in the Netherlands and Europe.

We do this because we have the ambition to make organic cosmetics the new standard. We believe that you can use high-quality, beautiful care products that are good for you and our world. A lot of people are unaware of the chemical ingredients they put on their face and body every day and what they do to your skin and nature. Or the impact that the production of cosmetics has on the environment.

We therefore see it as our task to be an active ambassador for organic cosmetics and to inspire people with as much knowledge and information as possible. In this way, we will certainly succeed in getting more people to switch to sustainable beautiful and cared for every day! At the moment you can contact us for the 5 lines of Laboratoires de Biarritz – from sun protection to baby care and reparative skin care and the nutritional supplements of Vital20.

We want to quickly expand the range with new brands. You can now order our organic cosmetics via the webshop We hope to welcome you as a customer soon!

House of Natural Beauty