The Dutch government aims to test everyone for Corona from March


Everyone in the Netherlands should be able to have themselves tested for the corona virus once a month from March, regardless of whether someone has complaints or not. Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) writes this in a letter to the Lower House on Wednesday.

This plan asks for 10 million tests per month. To achieve this goal, according to De Jonge, no limits apply, “not even in a financial sense”. By frequent testing, the cabinet wants to keep the contamination level low and offer prospects for a society that is as open as possible.

In order to make this large-scale testing possible, the minister wants to carry out two experiments in January. “Through these experiments, we are looking at the best approach for large-scale testing,” the minister writes.

According to the minister, a lot is still needed to realize this intended test collection capacity. “To be able to test more people in more places from 1 March, additional test administration providers and locations will have to be added,” he writes. The government’s aim is to be able to carry out up to 175,000 tests per day by March.

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