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Do you want to help people take back control over their health?

Become a Swiss Point of Care ambassador

We help with information, testing devices and natural solutions. So people can make better choices and improve their lives.

Together, let’s make the world a bit better.


How do I become an ambassador?


Check out our conditions for the best collaboration to improve the world together






Rewards for you!


A shared mission and a strong relationship. Like all good friends we reward you generously for your efforts. 



Our mission


be the best me.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone can regain control over their health and support them with information, knowledge, tools and solutions! Devices to check, supplements and nutrition to improve.  



Are we the right fit?


Are you a (keto) coach, health professional, sport/fitness trainer, influencer or simply a ketonian? Do you want to help people regain control over their health? Then register as an ambassador!







10% per product sold of the net selling price. Cash desk!


We promote you

Send us your self-written blog, and we post this on our website and social media. A win-win situation for both of us!


Long-term relationship

Building a long-term relationship with all kinds of possibilities



Free advice for better online visibility from our specialists and experts.


Promotion material

Promotional material, created just for you!

Why work with Swiss Point of Care?

How awesome would it be if we share the same mission together! Our goal is to build a good relationship together. The better our relationship, the more rewards you will get.

Besides that, we help you get more visibility. Send us some good content or a good blog article and we would love to share that in our newsletter and social media. Send us your profile, who you are and what you do. Build together on a better and healthy future!

These Ambassadors work with us 

How does our Ambassadorship program work?

Together to the top: step by step

We will make it easy for you with this step-by-step plan! Now you can quickly become an ambassador!

Step 1: Registration

You can register as an ambassador with the form

Step 2: Online meeting

Next, we will schedule an online meeting to get to know each other.

Step 3: Agreement

When we are both excited to start a collaboration and when you agree with our code of conduct. Then, we are ready to start!

Step 4: Ambassador Account Created

We will create your ambassador account. Here you will find all information, easy to use links, tools and your dashboard to check your income.

Step 5: Inform

We will provide you with detailed information about the products you will promote!

Step 6: Get started

Now you are ready to tell your friends and followers about our collaboration! Post content on your platforms, use the links, banners and promotional document provided. You can call or email us any time for information or just if you want to talk.


Code of Conduct

Together, we make the world better.

Good cooperation starts with good understanding. That is why we created this code of conduct.  Read it carefully. We need you to agree before we can start.

  • Respect, honesty and dedication
  • Post regularly
  • Respect for the people and law
  • Use hashtags when you post something 
  • Be representative
  • No unsubstantiated claims
  • No pushy sales
  • At least 2 links links to our website
  • Sell only to your clients, not on platforms like Amazon, Ebay etc. 
  • Positive energy!

The world improver, sign up now!

A relationship with sparks

Boost your relationship. Check out our webshop for all the products that can help your clients! As an ambassador, we must be happy together.


Any questions?

Stupid questions do not exist. Contact us if you have any questions. Also, view the frequently asked questions, maybe your question is there!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become SwissPointofCare ambassador?

Go to the registration form and create an account. Then register for your choice for which you want to promote us.

We have a system that we use to be able to register your clicks, sales and commission. Through this system, you can easily download our promotional material and follow the results closely..

Yes, we can fully adjust this to your wishes that you have in mind. When customers click on the product at your site, you’ll receive up to 10% of the net sales amount (sales-VAT-shipping costs). You are free to put our full range on your own website.

Yes. We only do online affiliate marketing. So you need a website, blog or a social media account.

Your application can be rejected for various reasons. We have listed the most common ones for you in the email you received for this rejection. Do you disagree with our decision or have you not received any mail? Let us know and we can look for a solution together.

No definitely not. Everything is recorded very accurately and is always clear and controllable in your own dashboard.

Yes, this is a possibility. Once your account is active, you will be able to use banners and affiliate URLsto our website!