Natural Performance Boost

Polyphine SPORT

Polyphine® SPORT gives a natural boost to your training thanks to Panax Ginseng and consists of a natural grape and apple extract, with an antioxidant effect. * Polyphine® SPORT with natural magnesium (good for the muscles) and vitamin C (important for blood vessels).

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Why should I take Polyphine SPORT?

Better Performance

Helps to improve performance3

Better Blood circulation

Important for a good condition of the blood vessels1. Enchances blood circulation1

Increases Endurance

Improves endurance3 and supports energy level2

Less Muscle Ache

Slows down lactic acid formation in the muscles3

1 Vitamin C
2 Magnesium
3 Ginseng

What our professional athletes have to say

“During the long days of the “Duchene Heroes” we took every day at the start 2 capsules. And after 4 hours cycling another 2.

After an intense training season and having comleted the  Duchenne Heroes I can confidently state that with Polyphine SPORT you feel that you do not get tired. I have not had any cramps after cycling since I use Polyphine.

Personally I am very satisfied and I recommend every avid cyclist Polyphine SPORT .”

Henk, 47 years

Racing bike and MTB

“Since August 2015 I use Polyphine on recommendation of my trainer.
I find myself running easier, being less tired and having much less muscle pain afterwards. Even my runs abroad at 2000 altitude meters where previously I would experience serious muscle aches.

About half an hour before my ultra run, I take 2 capsules. Then again after 3 hours depending on the duration of the run. I am very excited about this sports supplement. ”

Els Annegarm

World Champion Ultrarunner

“I discovered Polyphine SPORT a while ago, a world opened up for me.

I do football and was always out of breath. Now that I use Polyphine SPORT, I notice that endurance and focus in a competition or on training has increased exceptionally.

My compliments for your products! “

Tim Alferink


“My name is Alex, 25 years old. I work in a gym and also football, I race and do cycling. I am now training for 2 months with Polyphine SPORT. This ensures that I can continue for longer than before. Where I first tired after about 70 km on the road bike I notice that I only now begin to become more tiresome at 90 km. By using Polyphine SPORT I get the feeling that I can continue for longer. I notice this not only in cycling, but also in my football training and other forms of sport that I practice. ”

Alex, 25 Years

Footballer, Runner

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