Krill oil contributes to a healthier heart

A new panacea is the krill Oil. In this article we explain the use and the associated advantages and disadvantages of the Krill Oil, because this new panacea can change lives.

Healing effect of Krill Oil

Now you will wonder what is the krill oil and what do you use it for? The Krill oil comes from the words “Krill” and “Oil”. Krill comes from the collective name of invertebrate shrimp marine animals. And oil is known as a “syrupy liquid”, which hardly mixes with water. Given that krill has to do with marine animals, the krill oil is known as an animal / natural product. The krill oil is used as a medicine. The krill oil is known for the remedy of heart disease, high cholesterol, lowering high blood pressure and lowering the fats in our blood. This reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Krill Oil delayed the ‘aging of the body’ process in several ways.

The krill oil is made from the Krill (Shrimp marine animals). Creating the Krill oil is a difficult job, as the oil can spoil within an hour after catch. The effect of the oil is many times stronger than the fish oil. The fish oil has the same effect as the krill oil, but differs per quality and of course the freshness of the product, given the fact that the krill oil is quickly produced after catch.

Krill oil good for the brain, partly because it can suppress anxiety or a psychological disorder. Krill Oil has a large positive effect on the brain, cognitive functions and memory are better supported so this is improved or can be maintained for a longer period of time at the current high level, in addition the krill oil works well against inflammation and arthritis.

Fish oil

The fish oil is extracted from fatty fish such as salmon, herring and sardines. The fish oil comes in the form of triglyceride form. This form is a type of fat, which you can find in your blood. It is the most common fat in our bodies. It is good for a healthy body, although too much of it can be harmful. Vitamin E is often added to the fish oil. The fish oil works well for the brain and cardiovascular diseases. Negative characteristics of the fish oil are that it is often contaminated with heavy metals. The fish oil often spoils in the capsule and is somewhat large and difficult to swallow. It also leaves behind fishy belching.

Krill oil

The krill oil comes from invertebrate marine animals such as shrimps. The krill oil is found in all oceans and is often food for the whale or shark. The krill oil comes in the form of phospholipid form. Substance that is attached to the phospholipid form can pass through the cell wall faster and more efficiently. The phospholipid form also forms the cement with which the cell wall of each living being is built up. Furthermore, the oil is used worldwide. The krill oil is often better absorbed compared to the fish oil, given that they are supplied in small capsules. The Krill oil has the highest (> 39%) EPA / DHA of the oils that are available. The krill oil is pure and pure, where you do not get fishy bulges. It does not stink and can be absorbed to a limited extent. The krill oil also does not remain on the stomach. It is also fresh by the Ast xanthine and natural choline for the liver. The only drawback with regard to fish oil is that it is often somewhat more expensive, but qualitatively that makes up for it.

Benefits Krill Oil

  • Choline, which occurs naturally in Krill Oil, supports the cleansing effect of the liver
  • In addition, this contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism
  • The EPA and DHA, the active substances of Omega-3, are good for the heart
  • The choline in Krill Oil contributes to normal lipid metabolism
  • Krill oil good for brain, heart, liver and vision
  • The Krill oil has no fishy spiciness like the Fish Oil
  • Krill contains Astaxanthin, a strong red-colored anti-oxidant, which is also a natural preservative.
  • Krill comes from the pure Antarctic waters, far away from human pollution.
  • The Superba BoostTMKrill is sustainable under MSC quality mark.

Immune system

The krill oil has many healing effects on our body, but in addition to the healing effect on our body it helps to improve our immune system. One side can also be explained logically, given that the Krill oil helps lower the cholesterol and provides the heart with protection. From an investigation by the NCBI they provided 37 people with the use of 2 grams per day of krill oil for 6 weeks. An obvious difference was clear from the NK cells “Natural Killer Cells”. The “Natural killer cells” help us to attack our bodies. An increase in activities in this group of cells automatically results in an improved immune system. In this study, no differences were noticed between the man or the woman.The krill oil also has an effect on women. Women with menstruation or pregnant women with severe pain can use krill oil as a preventive remedy. And also for the women who have or will have a menopause. Is the krill oil a preventive agent. The krill oil works against inflammation and will work against the painful menstruation. A scientific investigation by the NCBI revealed that krill oil can suppress negative emotions during and before menstruation or menopause. There is also a clear decrease in the severe pain that women experience with the use of Krill oil.

Buying Krill Oil

It can be very difficult to make the right choice in the cascade of options you have in Krill Oil. We recommend buying Krill Oil that has been filtered of unwanted sea salts, which makes the Krill Oil highly dosed in EPA / DHA.

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