Go-Keto Premium Coconut MCT Oil (60/40) 500 ML

Go-Keto MCT Oil contains the purest form of MCT, which is the best type of fat. MCTs get metabolised faster in your body, which will result in a quick boost of energy. You can easily put the MCT oil in your coffee or drink it immediately.

✅ 60% C8 and 40% C10 MCT oil
✅ 100% pure premium sustainably sourced coconut oil
✅ Guaranteed palm oil free
✅ MCT oil made in Germany
✅ Completely clean — no artificial sweeteners or junk
✅ Great for shakes, salads, and bulletproof coffee
✅ A perfect fit for your (vegan) keto lifestyle



  Premium MCT, made in Germany



More than just an oil

Fat is your primary fuel on your keto journey. We want to help you make your Keto journey a success. That’s why we offer you:


All MCT oils

Discover which MCT oil or Ketosene fits you

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MCT powder, coffee and snacks

Easy to combine within your daily routine


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Premium coconut MCT oil & Ketosene


The purest MCT Oil that provides the quickest energy boost

The best price/quality MCT Oil on the market

Athletes and biohackers looking for more performance

MCT in YOUR smoothies OR COFFEE

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What is MCT

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides (medium chain fatty acids). This is a quick source of energy for our body and indispensable in the keto diet.

That’s because MCTs go almost directly to the liver to turn them into energy.




Why does my body need MCT?

Since your body gets its energy from fat with a keto diet, MCT is the best and purest form.

MCTs can also be found in food that you get from the supermarket, such as coconut oil.

The disadvantage however is that it only contains a very small proportion of those good MCTs, and it often contains (a little) carbohydrates that you want to avoid.

MCT Oil therefore ensures that you get the energy you need without the carbohydrates.

Is there a difference between MCT Oil and Powder?

The amount of MCT is the same in both powder form and oil.

The only difference is, you have to dry the oil to make a powder. This drying is done by spraying the oil on acacia fibers that absorb the oil.

This means MCT powder also contains extra fibers, which just the oil does not. Those fibres actually come in handy when you are on the Keto diet.



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What’s the difference between C8 and C10 MCT Oil?

When you talk about MCT, you often see the designation C8 or C10.

This stands for the number of carbon atoms that a fatty acid contains. The smaller the number, the shorter the chain and the faster the body can use it as energy.

So pure C8 oil gives you that quick energy. The C10 takes a little longer and gives you the energy for afterwards. Many people choose the more expensive C8, but we think that the combination is the best.

Pure C8 is much more expensive because it takes a lot of coconut oil to make pure C8 oil. Which is another reason why your best choice MCT oil is a mix of C8 (60%) and C10 (40%)

You save money and you get fast (C8) and longer lasting (C10) energy.

Go-Keto Premium Coconut MCT Oil C8 / 10 (60%/40%)

What is Ketosene?

Are you an (endurance) athlete and do you use keto to improve your performance?

Or do you want to lose weight and not feel hungry all the time? Then you can use some extra help.

Ketosene gives you that extra boost. It’s pure MCT oil enhanced with natural ingredients like human jet fuel.

There are two versions; Red and Green.

What’s the difference between Ketosene Red and Green?


Ketosene Red

Ketosene Red is designed for the (endurance) athlete, who needs more strength and energy.

The purest MCT oil C8 / C10 enhanced with natural astaxanthin, a powerful red coloured antioxidant, giving your MCT oil that unique energy boost. It’s like red human jet fuel. Power to perform with a gentle madagascar vanilla flavour.

Go-Keto Ketosene® MCT oil (60/40)

Ketosene Green

Ketosene Green is designed for those who want to lose weight and not feel hungry.

The purest MCT oil C8 / C10 enhanced  with Omega-7 (C16) from Avocado and Macadamia oil. The longer chain C16 takes longer to be broken down by the body. All the energy of the MCT oil, and bye bye feeling hungry or in need of a snack.

Go-Keto Ketosene Green MCT Oil


Do you need superior energy boost? Go Ketosene Red Human Jet Fuel. Do you want to feel less hungry? Go Ketosene Green.

For fast energy, Go pure C8 Oil.

Do you want MCT oil with the best price / quality? Then Go MCT Oil C8 / C10.



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