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On Call GK Dual Glucose and Ketone Meter

Go-Keto with the best Glucose and Ketone Meter

Swiss Point of Care On Call GK Dual Glucose and Ketone Meter Starterpack

On Call GK Dual Meter

Measuring your Glucose and / or Ketone levels in a matter of seconds with just a drops of blood is possible with the On Call GK Dual from Swiss Point of Care.

The devices are as precise as lab tests, and are very easy to use. Read more about the different meters below.


What makes the GK Dual so Unique?


Measures Glucose and B-Ketones


It measures your glucose level and B-Ketones level.


Used by Professionals


The GK Dual is used by many Hospitals and Health Care Practices.


Reliable results


Clinical trials show very close results as professional lab equipment do.


It's portable


The device just requires 2 x coin cell batteries, which are included.


A drop of blood


The device just needs a tiny drop of blood to calculate results


Fast results


Within a few seconds and just a drop of blood you’ll know the results.


Ideal for Go-Keto diet


Measuring your Ketone levels are essential in a Go-Keto diet. Voted best of # 1


What do I need to Measure Ketone?

To test you need the On Call GK Dual Meter, Teststrips, and Lancets.

With the GK Dual you can choose two test strips Glucose or Ketone test strips.


The On Call® GK Dual is a high-performance device providing the ability to test both blood glucose and ß-ketones on the same meter.



This is what our happy clients have to say


  • I would like to let you know that I am very satisfied with this meter. I have been using the meter now for 2 months. The first two times, in consultation with my doctor, I compared the measurements of my home test (made on the same day) with the results from the doctor/laboratory. I was pleasantly surprised (my doctor too) about the results. The results were the same. I can now confidently measure my cholesterol at home and I don’t need to go to the hospital for that.

  • Professional meter and highly accurate measurement also at home. I am very happy with the test results as they correspond exactly to those from the lab via the GP. So I can confidently use this meter to monitor my cholesterol. Very glad I found this meter, saves me lots of time!



The following Professionals are using On Call



Frequently Asked Questions


On Call Glucose Meter

  • What values does the On Call Glucose Meter measure?

    The On Call Extra Blood Sugar Glucose Meter measures your glucose within 4 seconds with only a tiny amount of blood, thanks to the unique test strip. Test both capillary and neonatal blood. The devices are ISO 15197 certified and thus provide reliable and – clinically proven – accurate results.

    The On Call Extra can also store up to 300 measurements, giving you insight into the course of your glucose value. It even gives you a Hypo, hyper and ketone alarm, so that you can do something about it.

    The device is very handy and easy to operate – thanks to the large push buttons – and makes it easy to measure your glucose at home or on the go. The meter works on batteries and is suitable for professional and home use.

  • I live outside the EU, can I still order?

    Yes, we ship worldwide. Please check our shipping rates on our delivery & returns page.

  • Can I use a teststrip more than once?

    You can’t use a teststrip more than once, because the strip wouldn’t be able to recognise the correct blood values, due to clotting effects after dropping blood on the strip. Each measurement requires a new strip.


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