Go-Keto Ketosene® Red MCT oil (60/40) 500ML


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Go-Keto Ketosene® MCT oil (60/40)
Go-Keto Ketosene® Red MCT oil (60/40) 500ML


Go-Keto Ketosene®  Red MCT oil C8/C10 (60/40)

Red Human Jet Fuel

Experience the pure clean energy and power of Ketosene® Red! This unique combination of premium MCT oils with natural Astaxanthim is scientifically proven to boost your mitochondria for stellar performance. Providing you with more pure clean energy and power!

✅ Developed for stellar performance, more pure and clean energy!
100% pure premium coconut C8/C10 MCT oil (60/40)
✅ Pure natural Astaxanthin from natural algae in Atacama desert
MCT oil made in Germany
Sustainably sourced and guaranteed Palm Free
With natural Madagascar vanilla extract
✅ Great for shakes, salads, and adding vanilla flavor
✅ Fits perfectly in a (vegan) keto lifestyle

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