What does sunscreen do?

You can use sunscreen to protect your skin against the UV light. By applying a good amount of sunscreen you can prevent your skin from burning. For this you can use two different types of sunscreen, namely creams that filter the UV rays and creams that reflect the UV rays, such as a mirror. This last type of sunscreen is also called a sunblocker. The disadvantage of a sunblocker is that your skin is covered with a green layer, which does not look that attractive. The disadvantage of sunscreens that filter out the UV rays is that most are harmful to the skin and the environment. But we have the solution for this! The sunscreens from Laboratoires de Biarritz contain mineral UV filters that are 100% natural! The combination of Titanium oxide and Zinc oxide protects the skin against UVA and UVB. In addition, the sunscreen is hypoallergenic and suitable for a sensitive skin and children. Click here for our organic sunscreen!

Sunscreen protection factor

A sun protection factor (SPF) is assigned to a sunscreen. This protection factor indicates to what extent the sunscreen protects your skin from the sun. If there is a factor of 15 in the bottle, this means that the period that you can sit in the sun without burning is 15 times as long. Suppose that you normally burn your skin after 10 minutes of sunbathing, then after smearing with a factor of 15, you only get red burn spots after 10×15 minutes.

Which factor you need depends on your skin type. People who get tinned quickly need a lower factor than people who are naturally reddish and white. It is sensible to anoint children with a factor of 30+ or ​​50 in any case. If you have skin type 1 (very light skin), you can also use that factor. For skin type 2 it is advisable to apply a factor of 20 – 30+. If you have skin type 3 or 4, you only need a sunscreen with a maximum of 15. Furthermore, it is good to pay attention to the fat content in sunscreen creams. People with dry skin are better off opting for oily creams than people with oily skin or an aptitude for acne.

Applying sunscreen: how should I use it?

A sunscreen only works well if you applied it correctly. And this is were it goes wrong very often. Many people apply the cream too thinly to the skin or spots are skipped, such as the ears and knee cavities. For this we have developed the special sunscreen stick. But there are more useful tips for applying sunscreen:

  • Apply sufficient sunscreen on your skin. In general, optimum protection is achieved if 2 milligrams of cream are applied per square centimeter of skin.
  • Apply thirty minutes before you go into the sun, so the cream can absorb well.
  • Repeat the lubrication regularly. Re-lubricate at least every two hours and immediately re-apply when you come out of the water.
  • Make sure that all parts of your skin that come into contact with the sun are rubbed. So also your ears, feet, knees and hands. Also don’t forget to rub your lips!
  • Also apply if you are in shade. Sun rays can also come through the parasol and the leaves.

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