After many years in large pharmacy, drugstore and food retail chains, Ben Nordemann (founder and owner of Swiss Point of Care) realised that he wanted to put his experience to use to help people live a better health.
Ben always had a passion for helping people, wanting to be a heart surgeon when he was younger. He asked himself: “How can you motivate someone to change their lifestyle to get their health in top condition?“
Insight is the magic word. It all starts with being aware. Insight in your own physical condition with self-testing. Insight in what the results mean. Insight in the solutions.
Solutions that help you to get improve your health. What first started as an adventure with natural food supplements for cardiovascular health, has since developed into Swiss Point of Care. Truly helping people to become “a better me”. 
That’s what Swiss Point of Care is all about: “Giving you the insight inside”.

Ben Nordemann
Founder and Owner of Swiss Point of Care

I believe that everyone has the possibility and the choice to live life to the full and in good health. Sadly many don’t know how to or fail to make the right choices and end up having a life of chronic diseases.

Giving you the insight inside.